Tuesday, October 6, 2009


JD - this entry is for you...I spent an hour this morning picking grapes from these vines. A good friend from church brought me a meal a couple of weeks ago when I was sick. It was homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh bread, jello and grape juice. The juice was devoured by my kids...not a drop for me :(

This same friend told me on Sunday that she had made all of the juice she was going to this year and I was welcome to what was left on the vines. So I headed out this morning - not sure what to expect, how long it would take - or even how to "pick" grapes... There beside the vines were gardening scissors - I took along my own boxes. It was a gorgeous fall morning - cool and overcast. I so enjoyed my time - reflecting on God's handiwork - providing the sun and rain all summer to grow these amazing little guys - and then providing the cool fall weather to make them that beautiful purple color.

Here are all the grapes I picked - after they have been removed from the stems. I am going to be making juice and some jelly - recipes to follow.

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  1. California is highly overrated anyway. Can we move to OHIO instead???? Those are gorgeous grapes, and I'm officially drooling. What an abundant, beautiful harvest. You were a very busy girl!

    Grape jelly, grape juice, grape jello, grace popsicles, love it all... I'd even eat grape flavored dog biscuits. If they existed, that is.