Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is my two year old dog, Scooter. He is a labradoodle - but a mini - so smaller than most people expect. Scooter has two favorite toys. Both are stuffed animals from my 16 year old daughter that Scooter has "stolen" and adopted for his own. One is a black cat and the other is this dog. One or both join Scooter in bed along with our other dog, Abby. When Scooter is in bed he lays his head on the dog or cat. Last night he was laying on the ottoman (that he has called his own also) and gently chewed/played with his dog/puppy friend. I couldn't resist getting photos. So, indulge me and take a look at my sweet Scooter.


  1. I wish our dog was as gentle as yours with toys. We have furniture and many pairs of shoes and boots that have fallen prey to the dog.

  2. Hi - yes - it wasn't always this way...

  3. Ginger also used to annihilate shoes, stuffed animals, and any small plastic items.

    Thankfully, she has outgrown this destructiveness. Same never destroyed shoes, but he would grab them in his big ol' mouth every time he got excited (which was, uhm, all the time), and he'd prance around the house with them. We'd end up with one shoe here, and the matching shoe... in Timbuktu.

    I miss Scooter.... Gotta fix that soon :)

  4. Thanks Adria - we love him...