Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preserving and Canning

This will come as a huge surprise to those that know me - but I love to can....crazy I know - I'm not sure why this obsession has got a hold of me - but there is something about seeing all of this food all ready to feed the family over the winter months. Years ago when the kids were little I did Salsa and Pickles - that was about it. And then we moved to Ohio - in the heart of Amish country and the fresh produce is so amazing and cheap - how could I resist. My sister makes Spaghetti Sauce and after trying it I realized there is no comparison between this homeade goodness and store bought. So last year I started with spaghetti sauce, salsa, pickles, relish & apple sauce. This year I did more dreaming - scheming and searching out recipes that had to be tried. I have been blessed also with friends who planted too many vegetables for their own use (Thanks Julie and others) so this has added to my stash. This photo is my pantry that stores all my canned foods and supplies for canning as well. Here is my list for 2009...

Spaghetti Sauce - 27 quarts
Salsa - 20 quarts, 3 pints
Tomatoes - 6 quarts
Dill Pickles (whole) - 5 quarts
Dills (chunks) - 9 quarts
Dills (sandwich slices) - 4 quarts
Sweet Dills (for hubby) -4 quarts
Bread & Butter Pickles - 6 quarts
Bread & Butter (sandwich slices) - 5 quarts
Lime Pickles - 10 pints
Relish - 6 quarts, 7 pints
Banana Pepper Rings - 3 pints
Pickled Beets - 6 quarts
Borscht (Beet Soup) -7 quarts
Three Bean Salad - 6 quarts
Hot Pepper Jelly - 4 pints
Blueberry Pie Filler - 2 quarts
Apple Pie filler - 8 quarts
Blueberry Butter - 1 pint, 2 half pints
Blueberry Syrup - 6 pints
Apple Sauce - 1 quart, 2 pints
Blueberry Jam - 2 pints, 2 half pints
Raspberry Jam - 2 pints, 2 half pints
Elderberry Jam - 1 pint
Blackberry Jam - 2 pints
Grape Juice - 30 quarts

In Freezer:

Cabbage Rolls - 54
Corn - 21 bags of 3 cups each
Green Beans - 7 bags of 3 cups each
Sundried Tomatoes - 4 bags of 1 cup each (100 + tomatoes)
Diced Green Peppers - 3 bags of 2 cups each

I think I am done for this year - but as my family knows - no guarantees. I might find some more fruit and or vegetables that need a home - and I am always happy to oblige...its a wonderful life indeed.

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  1. Beware, friends, her excitement over canning is highly contagious. Even I caught it.

    LOVE this post, love seeing the pics of the pantry too, wowzers, it wasn't anywhere near this filled when I visited, you've been a busy, busy girl. Your spaghetti sauce is out of this world. We just finished the last of the salsa, the kids and I LOVE it.

    You're right, there is nothing quite like the abundance and goodness of the harvest in Amish country! I miss it SO much.